Theory of Realestatetivity for Keeping It Clean

Theory of Realestatetivity for Keeping It Clean

When it comes to selling your home its best to keep it clean. It is hard to keep up with it when you are living in the house you are selling, but it will help your house sell better when it is clean and neat looking.

Here are some areas I fell that are common problem areas for people when it comes to cleaning their homes.

1. Dust– I have learned that your home’s humidity level can cause more or less dust in your home. If your humidity level in your home is to high it creates the prefect environment for dust mites to live and grow, but if your levels are to low then it can create static which attracts more dust.

I read it is better to keep your humidity level in your home between 40% to 50%. This well help with it being to dry and not to moist.

It also helps to wash your vents in your home with soap and water at least once a year.

2. Ovens- Personally when it comes to cleaning ovens I do not like using chemicals. It is harsh on my skin and smells horrible. An easy way to clean ovens without harsh cleaners use a pumice stone. Get the stone wet and warm, then use it to clean off cooked on food and grease. This will clean your oven faster and without using harmful cleaners.

3. Carpets and Furniture- It is a good idea to get your carpets and furniture cleaned when you are trying to sell your home. Once you have gotten the carpets and furniture cleaned away to keep them clean is to spray them with a sealant guard like Scotchgard. This will make liquids bead up instead of being soaked into the fabric. Makes for an easier clean up.

4. Shower Glass Doors- Glass shower doors build up soap scum quickly. A product I absolutely enjoy using to clean shower glass doors is the Works Shower Cleaner. It gets all residues off the glass and you do not normally have to scrub. Just spray it on and rinse it off. It gets soap scum off as well as hard water stains.

5. Lighting- Replace your bulbs with “Daylight” bulbs. This will give off a natural light look in your home. Low-Wattage bulbs give off a dingy light and will make your house seem dull. The daylight bulbs will give off a nice bright look to your house. It will help highlight your clean house. These bulbs also help boost your mood like sunlight.

A good tip for keeping your home clean would be to do a deep clean then as you live in the home through out the time of you listing your home spot clean once a week. This will help with keeping your house clean and neat.


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