To Have Air Fresheners When Selling Your Home or Not?

To Have Air Fresheners When Selling Your Home or Not?

When selling your home most people think it is a good idea to have air fresheners placed throughout the home. In some sense this is okay to do but there is a line that needs to be drawn on when to many is to over powering.

There are quite a few types of air fresheners out there. There are sprays, plug-in’s, and oils for air fresheners out, but that does not mean all of them are a good idea or fit for your home when you are trying to sell. They do not actually get rid of the smells in your home, they mainly just mask the smells. But isn’t that a good thing you ask?

To many air fresheners in your home can cause more harm then good actually. It does not only raise red flags to potential buyers but it also can cause health issues. Air fresheners can trigger allergens, asthma, head aches, or even uncomfortable breathing issues. When you have a potential buyer coming through the home you do not want them to be distracted by the over powering smells of your air fresheners or cause them discomfort.

One air freshener for every 3-4 rooms, in my opinion, will do just fine. It will add a pleasant smell, but not a smell that seems like you are hiding something like a pet or trying to cause the potential buyer discomfort in their tour.

If you have pets and they have left odors behind it is best to eliminate the smells, not mask them. To get rid of these types of odors it is best to deep clean these spots. You can use baking soda with vinegar by sprinkling it in or on the spot. If its carpet scrub it in and then vacuum in that area. Vinegar can also remove orders on hard services. Spray a little vinegar on the smelly spot and then wipe it up. It is a good idea to have your carpets and furniture deep cleaned before you sell your home. This will not only improve the look and possibly condition of your carpet and furniture but help make your home smell fresher.

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