Theory of Realestatetivity on Preparing Your Home

Theory of Realestatetivity on Preparing Your Home

When you are trying to prepare your house for sale there are a few things I would like to remind you to be aware of. These tips are things sellers normally either forget or do not even know to thing of.

1. Paint. If you can try to repaint your walls a natural color. Buyers do not want to be distracted by the colors of your walls. This also helps the buyer be able to envision their personal belongings in your home.

2. Clean, de-clutter, and depersonalize. You want your home to look as clean as possible when you have potential buyers taking tours of your home. By cleaning and de-cluttering this will make your home look well kept and appleaing.One thing most home owners and even realtors forget to do after cleaning the bathroom is to CLOSE THE TOILET. Leaving this open is not something people want to see in pictures or in their walk through. By depersonalizing your home this will also help with the buyer to be able to envision themselves in your home. This means take down all person pictures, accents, children toys are put away, and pet items are put away.

3. Staging. Keep the decor simple. Again your goal is to help the buyer to be able to envision themselves in your space. make sure you have light bulbs replaced if they needs replaced or even replace them with a brighter light output. Bringing in plants into the space is a good idea too. This will give it a calming natural feel to the space. Make sure you clean and organize your closet spaces as well this will make them look bigger and more appealing to the buyer. Give each room a purpose. If you have an empty room try not to leave it that way. It makes it harder for the buyers to envision what that space is or could be. So make that empty space into a office, craft room, work out area, or spare bedroom.

4. Update. If you can update old fixtures, faucets, and hinges in the kitchen or bathrooms this can give the space a whole new look and feel. Don’t forget about your curb appeal either. Some buyers wont even look at a home based on is exterior look. If possible so out and plant some bright flowers. These may seem small but can make a huge difference.

When listing your house on the market you want to stand out. These tips I listed here are great simple ways to keep your house relevant and appealing to potential buyers. Call me today at (260)760-4655 to see what I can do for you to get your house SOLD!

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